pHowever, during my undergraduate career, I realized attending a college where people were different than I was, shaped me into the person that I am today. I’m here to say that if you’re starting your journey to finding your true identity after a lifetime of confusion and trauma, it’s not necessarily going to be easy— but at least you won’t be alone. The gratifying and freeing experience that is finally discovering who you truly are is unmatchable./p
pI religiously watch the hit series grown-ish because it allows me to reminisce about the college experience I had at a predominantly white institution . Not only is the show relatable but it sheds light on issues women of color often face in an honest, balanced and digestible manner. Find what you love and don’t let others invalidate your identityTransitioning out of a PWI to a basically lesser PWI, I felt a lot of shame around my preferences and choices. From music and TV to hair and style, I felt out of place and ashamed to proudly and simply love the things that I did. The more I reflected and learned about myself, the more I realized that the negative stereotypes some had regarding my preferences were rooted in a singular, uniform stereotype of Black women created by our country’s white, oppressive system./p
pParticipating in events such as walk-outs, protests, and demonstrations are a few ways to boldly protect and celebrate your culture. One way to deal with these circumstances is to address the source. Schedule a time to speak to your professor about the climate of the classroom and how stereotypes affect your comfort level and ability to perform. Get your administration involved and fight for your right to a learning-conducive environment. She is a senior from Lawrence, Kan. and is a mass media major./p
h2Once I decided to go to my chosen school, I knew that I would be in for the experience of a lifetime./h2
pThree black faculty members were purposefully targeted and purposefully selected to participate on question and answer panel. So coming home for breaks were…confusing, sometimes, if we’re being honest. The power that I felt with my Black friends was suddenly reduced and instead replaced with a sense of kindred bond that sometimes didn’t feel as passionate. My conversations with my White friends reminisced on our past experiences, our families, our immediate future, and centered around just hanging out./p
pHowever, Diaz Buezo said familiarity was not the sole reason for her wanting to seek romantic partners within her community. She said she often has a fear of being rejected by non-latinx people in general. Fontellio likes her job because she understands there is a struggle when arranging to get your hair done while being a student./p
h3I learned about my community and how I should uplift them on campus and around the city./h3
pAfter revisiting each person’s story many times, I created a digital profile for each participant. All seven Black women’s profiles included their demographic information, relevant themes, artifacts , notable quotes, and notes from each transcript’s margin. Once the profiles were created and edited for clarity and consistency, I studied each participant’s profile and searched for similarities and differences across the narratives. While building each profile, I utilized in vivo coding and gathered emergent themes from direct quotes. I highlighted emergent patterns related to participants’ collective standpoint and interconnectedness in student affairs. Many of these institutions pride themselves in their increasing diversity rates but do nothing to accommodate these smaller communities within their campus./p
pThe Daily Campus is UConn’s independent, student-run newspaper. Sojourner Fontellio is also a hairstylist on campus, working with mostly women clients. She started her services in 2021 because she had more free time between online classes. I am not unfamiliar with hearing the phrase “I don’t want to get any darker.” As a dark-skinned Black girl, it pains me any time I witness those words coming from a fellow Black girl. Such an attitude, while in this case reflects the individual and does not outwardly bash anyone else, is indicative of the effectscolorismhas had on the Black community. Colorism is no new concept, nor is it exclusive to the Black community./p
h3Dating a Black Woman for the First time Can Be Scary. Accept it/h3
pFour themes emerged that highlighted the participants experiences that they believe PWI’s could focus more on when it comes to retaining black faulty; Professional development, mentorship, acceptance, and black student representation. As an African American student at a PWI, you’re going to need to know a few things about how to navigate and excel as a minority on your campus. Many of today’s PWI colleges and universities have a past history of segregation, and it’s clear we are still feeling the effects of this even in the present—my a href= app membership rates/a experiences at University of Maryland are proof. In a poem titled PWI 10 Commandments which Riley posted on YouTube on Friday, she underscores several obstacles black women have to conquer on the campuses, including microagressions, destructive stereotypes and underrepresentation. As she goes down the list, her poem serves a survival guide for black girls to protect their magic. Guaranteed things that black women who attend predominantly white institutions for college experience, according to poet Kwyn Townsend Riley./p
pFoster said the dating preferences of some men on campus are understandable, and she believes social media influencers on apps like Instagram and Twitter push whiteness as the beauty standard. Danielle Foster, a senior from Radcliff, told me how she can feel discouraged when seeing the women many boys are interested in on campus. Adobe Premiere Pro 2023 is an excellent application which uses advanced stereoscopic 3D editing, auto color adjustment and the audio keyframing features to help you create amazing videos from social to the big screen. It provides a wide range of handy tools that enables users to improve sound quality and add a precise and simple color grading./p
pI hope you also appreciate the sensual power of your future black girlfriend and tell her how much you enjoy her body. I have dated black women and while they talk a bit louder , I’ve never been on a date with a dark-skinned woman who was rude. However, I have been on a date with a black woman who has been on dates with white guys who were rude./p
pTitled, “It’s Hard Out Here For a Pimp,” the installment highlighted the dating struggles women of color face while studying on a PWI campus. I always assumed women of color who attended schools in metropolitan areas would have a better chance at a diverse dating pool unlike those who matriculated at schools located in rural demographics. During a conversation with my close friend Desiree, alumnae of Columbia University, I realized our experiences were eerily similar. Overall, UA Little Rock has some work to do when it comes to representation and equal commodities for their students of color. They need to advertise themselves more on campus to receive the representation they want./p

pFinding Black women through TikTok who unapologetically loved themselves and their identities while embracing their Blackness challenged me to let go of my need to have my choices be dictated by these negative stereotypes. Taking the time to realize that some of the conflicts and situations I experienced were rooted in racism and a white supremacist system allowed me to stop blaming myself for the circumstances that were out of my control. Sophomore, Ana Diaz Buezo, said she finds comfort in dating within the Latino community because she has more in common with people of her own culture./p
pThat is until you added another socio-demographic subgroup, for instance age, or social status would have added another dimension and another barrier to overcome to achieve homogeneity. The disadvantages of not having a purely homogeneous subgroup on the panel were that noise base on gender entered into the study. The advantage of not having a purely homogeneous sample was that the noise base on gender allowed for a difference and sometimes deeper perspective./p
pThis alone would not necessarily be an issue, but the stares we received were piercing. One woman across the room from me continuously looked at us with a confused, disgusted expression. I even saw her point and then whisper with the people at her table. She reminds black women of their resilience in the face of adversity with a heartwarming message. However, there is this underlying fear that those men may fetishize Black women./p