pYour friend can do what they want, but don’t let them talk bad about police around your officer. Your police boyfriend deals with haters at work enough. Ellen Kirschman, Ph.D., is a psychologist and has been counseling police officers and their families for 30 years. This is a tough one for cops to understand. Policing is all about control; control of people, situations and emotions. Cops have to believe that they can establish control or they couldn’t do the job society asks them to do./p
pBudget, respect, neatness, honesty, and peak physique are some benefits to enjoy dating a cop. Nevertheless, the outcomes you will reap from the relationship will depend on personal preferences and choices. Above all, cops are protective and will be gentle with their partners. Besides, they have helped to solve various conflicts./p
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pYou addressed this in another one of your comments. OP, he might miss holidays, birthdays, and other important save-the-dates. 30 mins of counselling together 7 months ago! …and he did a couple that month and has been a few times since. I guess my hubs and I are an exception to the rule. We met when we were both in Law enforcement./p
pThis is their way of ensuring that people around you are clean. They will likely not let their guard down when around friends. Cops need to be very strong to remain normal, but sometimes, they experience just too much and may break down. They may become anxious or aggressive in the relationship due to the stress they go through occasionally at work. Cops will give you a lot of space in your relationship. Their job doesn’t give them all the time anyway./p
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pThey like having authority and might behave the same with you. They behave this way, possibly due to lack of time or having difficulty focusing on things other than work, which can be pretty disappointing for you. Cops already have so much on their plates that expecting them to finish some of the chores might be a bit unfair. You can not trust a cop to finish a job you give them. Be it your birthday, romantic dinner, or sharing an intimate situation, they must leave it at once and report for duty no matter what they are doing. Cops are constantly tired due to their long work hours, unpredictable shifts, and lack of sleep./p
pSo, when you enter the vehicle of a cop, you’ll know that you’re safe. After all, the driver has had a lot of years of practice, and he is experienced enough to drive you around safely. Everyone knows that cops have one of the most dangerous jobs in the world and that is why they are praised and respected by the community, and they even get free gifts!/p
pSo, while on a date with a cop, you don’t have to worry if they are interested in listening to you or their focus is elsewhere. Every time you see them in their uniform, you will be head over heels for them once again. Your attraction won’t die for a cop, as they usually do not go out of shape until much later. a href= Most of us fantasize about dating someone in a uniform. The thing about cops is that they are natural leaders, and that can be a very good quality in a man. Cops make important decisions in the heat of the moment and they also know how to assert themselves to succeed in resolving civilians’ problems./p
pYou may sacrifice holidays and weekends alone, but I want you to know that you are doing that with purpose. Offer a safe/non-judgmental space for your officer to speak about the things he sees at work. I have an entire blog on what a cop is looking for in a relationship./p

pThis gives them a sense of leadership and responsibility, and this often translates into their personality. Often cops go way above and beyond their jobs to give back to members of their communities, and if this is your partner, it can be such a great feeling. You might also be able to find ways to get involved in giving back through his work. Even cops that work in the safest areas can be at risk, so while the anxiety might be less when they do work in calmer environments, it never really goes away./p
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pExchange conversation with the officers at this meetings so they get to know you. Over time, talk with them more and more until the relationship becomes friendly. If you’re dating a police officer, he will be very protective of you. They can sense trouble and are trained to be on the lookout every day. If you’re both in a restaurant, your cop partner may insist on taking the seat opposite the door./p