Rocky Mountain Construction

New Texas Giant at Six Flags Over Texas was the first major project for the company, opening in 2011, and one that would make “RMC” a name that everyone would know in the industry. RMC would reimagine the old Texas Giant wooden roller coaster and transform it into a smoother, faster, more thrilling experience. The company also designs waterparks and constructs roller coasters manufactured by other companies. The Zadra is the first RMC IBox tracked roller coaster built from the ground up versus a rebuild of a former wooden roller coaster. Rocky Mountain Construction is a roller coaster designing and manufacturing company headquartered in Hayden, Idaho.

  • RMC would reimagine the old Texas Giant wooden roller coaster and transform it into a smoother, faster, more thrilling experience.
  • In late 2011, Schilke announced that the company would be working on two projects throughout 2012 which would both open in 2013.
  • Blending the familiar shape of a stingray with the Texas flag, this ride will be the first wooden coaster to open in Texas in five years and the tallest operating one in the state.
  • These were later revealed to be an I-Box retrack of The Rattler at Six Flags Fiesta Texas and a new roller coaster designed from scratch at Silver Dollar City named Outlaw Run.

He rents out to parks around Europe wheelchairs and ECV’s that were designed specifically for that use, and that can be customized. For example, the wheelchairs he provides to the Puy du Fou in France feature the park logo on the wheels, adding a marketing element visually that will also appear in photos that guests take.


The documentary does a wonderful job of going into details and showing behind the scenes video of construction taking place, the factory that RMC works out of, and possible future plans! I was surprised watching the documentary at how much detail they filled in. With a little less than a 90 minute run time, there’s a lot of information. Park Vault loves to walk the show floor and find first-time exhibitors and unique booths to highlight.

California: Six Flags Magic Mountain Opens Wonder Woman Flight Of Courage

Located in the first time exhibitor section of Exploration Station, we saw their amazing artificial tree and attractive grass carpet. They design artificial plants and landscaping, with an emphasis on jungle and cave environments. And, while Ice Breaker was being presented, SeaWorld San Diego revealed at the Bolliger & Mabillard (B&M) booth that the Dive Coaster announced a few months ago was changing its name. The ride is meant to simulate an emperor penguin diving into the cold arctic water, and it is the first six-across dive coaster to open in the United States. In 2015, the company revealed its new track design – which consists of a single beam as opposed to two separate rails. Two different sizes are available, the larger called “T-Rex” and the smaller called “Raptor”.