pThey shared a number of passionate kisses on the street outside, appearing to not care who saw them while in full view of onlookers. In an exclusive video obtained by MailOnline, Harry was seen locking lips with the American model and actress. Their sighting reportedly came just hours after Harry was seen passionately kissing Emily on the streets of Tokyo. As well as being a huge name in the modelling world, she has also tried her hand at acting, singing and designing clothes. Kiko was born in Dallas, Texas but moved to Japan at a young age where she has gained a huge following for her career in the fashion industry. Live webcam footage shows Harry strolling through the streets of Tokyo alongside his pal Kiko, who is now believed to be dating John Carroll Kirby./p
pSo, from age-gap love to VS Angels via Tay-Tay, here is an exhaustive timeline of Harry Styles’s dating history. After about three months of dating, a source told a href= The Sun the pair had called time on their relationship. Swift and Styles’ short courtship certainly had the storybook elements akin to one of Swift’s hit songs./p
pStyles appeared to introduce Swift to his mom, who was photographed feeding birds alongside the couple. Swift has been happily dating actor Joe Alwyn (another Brit!) since late 2016, and the exes have long been supportive of each other. For context, things between Swift and Styles were much more strained publicly back in 2013 in the months following their breakup./p
pTaylor and Harry are known to have dated for a comparatively short period of time. It all started with Taylor and Styles reportedly sporting the same airplane necklace. She had referenced this in her then-latest song, Out Of The Woods. A few lines from the lyrics that initiated the speculations are listed below. Harry and Taylor have been spotted multiple times, on separate occasions, wearing the same paper plane necklace. In fact, it’s one of the things that made people start to speculate that they were dating in the first place./p
h2Huge pop star has been great support to Tom Parker’s widow Kelsey/h2
pStyles and Jenner ushered in another new year together two years later when they vacationed in Anguilla in the Eastern Caribbean. The pair were spotted by fans at a restaurant on Dec. 29, 2016, and later seen getting cozy on a yacht. A source told PEOPLE, There has been a lot of flirting, touching and snuggling going on. They have acted like a couple. They look very cozy and happy. Their social media pages were laden with romantic photos and PDAs, but they later broke up. Many people had thought that Taylor had finally decided to settle down as the two were very romantic together. They even went on numerous vacation and celebrated holidays together./p
pThe duo also appeared to fist-bump at one point, much to the delight of their fans who took to Twitter to share their excitement. Stern was quick to put forth fan theories that the song is somehow related to Swift’s anthem of the same name, off of 2019’s Lover. You’re reading too much into it, Styles told Stern when asked if the song was about Swift, according to E! You know I’d love to tell you that you’re spot on, but I can’t. No, sorry. During an appearance on Howard Stern’s SiriusXM Radio Show to promote his latest album, Harry’s House, Styles was asked once again if Swift had inspired any of his music — notably, his new song Daylight. Three years later, Styles was asked about Swift once again during an interview on The Howard Stern Show./p
pThe “Golden” singer, for his part, shared his thoughts on seemingly being the subject of Swift’s music during an interview with Google Hangout. The Red singer and England native first sparked romance speculation in December 2012 after they were spotted getting cozy in New York’s Central Park. That same month, the pair were seen sharing a smooch in Times Square as the ball dropped on New Year’s Eve, as well as jet-setting together across the globe to visit their respective families for the holidays./p
p1D premiered their song Perfect, which was written primarily by Styles and Louis Tomilson. The song included the lyric, If you’re looking for someone to write your breakup songs about, baby I’m perfect, leading fans to speculate if the jam was about Swift. The singer also released the music video for “OOTW” on New Year’s Eve 2015 — the same day she was spotted kissing Styles three years prior. As mentioned by Rolling Stone, some fans speculate that the One Direction song Perfect — which Styles co-wrote — was about Swift. We can’t even imagine what it must be like to have songwriting talent, let alone to have the talent that Taylor Swift has./p
h3Harry Styles and Taylor Swift at The Grammys 2021/h3
pBreaking the rule to never date your ex, Styles and Jenner gave it another shot. Page Six reported that they were seen getting touchy at a New Year’s Eve party. They made it almost a year before breaking up a second time but have remained friends. Model Kendall Jenner was first romantically linked to Styles in November of 2013. They were seen getting dinner in Los Angeles, but they said they were just friends and Jenner even tweeted she was single. In an interview with Piers Morgan, Styles said he “didn’t know if things would turn romantic” with Jenner but she denied romance rumors again at the American Music Awards soon after./p
h3Nov. 20, 2013: Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner have a date night in West Hollywood/h3
p realised the party wasn’t a good idea, so flew back to LA solo, a source told The Post. A spokesperson for One Direction merely stated that Styles didn’t stay in Vegas after the awards, so didn’t attend any after-show party. In an interview with GQ, Alwyn shared details about the time the couple spent together during lockdown, including their experience writing music together. In June 2016, photos of Swift kissing Marvel star Tom Hiddleston on a beach near her Swift’s Westerly, Rhode Island practically broke the internet. A month later, Hiddleston showed up at her annual 4th of July party wearing a tank top that read, “I T.S in red lettering./p
h2Cody Johnson, Slash, and Billy Gibbons Play Lynyrd Skynyrd at 2023 CMT Music Awards/h2
pHowever, they kept their relationship away from the media glare most of the time until Emily confirmed her relationship with the singer. One of Harry’s most famous romances In 2012, Taylor and Harry became one of the world’s most loved and iconic couples, unfortunately only for three months. Lovingly called Haylor by their fans, the singers had a brief affair of three months. Months after his breakup with Taylor, Harry Styles was interviewed by Us Weekly./p
pThey hung out in New York City with the movie’s execs, a source toldUs Weekly in February. While Swift was just emerging onto the pop scene, Jonas, along with his singing and dancing brothers, were at the top of their game. They were snapped enjoying a string ofdates in New York, LA and London, but theirbrief romance reportedly ended after just three months. In a video obtained by MailOnline, the superstar was captured getting cosy with Emily on the streets of Tokyo while in the Japanese capital for a stop of his world tour./p
pA number of Tay’s newer songs are believed to be about Joe, including ‘Lover’ on her 2019 album of the same name and ‘Invisible String’ on ‘Folklore’ which makes us cry actual tears. After over four years, Taylor and Joe are still going strong since the day they met at the MET Gala in 2016 and their relationship is one of the cutest celebrity pairings we’ve ever seen. Taylor was known to have a keen interest in the Kennedy family, and after they caught wind of how much the pop star was a fan, they became firm friends with Taylor and she was quickly accepted into the family. Us exclusively reported in May 2017 that Styles and the London-based food blogger were “casually seeing each other and been on several dates” after meeting through mutual friends. Styles was spotted kissing the model in April 2012, but their fling never amounted to much./p